Swinson Forgets Her Net Zero Manifesto

Swinson Forgets Her Net Zero Manifesto

The LibDem manifesto committed to Net Zero emissions by 2045:  “To achieve our net-zero climate target by 2045, we aim to reduce emissions from surface transport to near zero; at the same time the transition to electric vehicles and from private to public transport will drastically cut air pollution” It’s taken Swinson just seven days to forget that commitment, today she tweeted that by staying in the EU, “we can tackle the climate emergency together and set a binding net zero target of 2050”. That’s if she manages to keep her seat:

According to this MRP prediction it is neck and neck. Now she’s watered down her Net Zero promise maybe Greens should vote tactically for the SNP?

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  1. Tyr enforcing that in India and China. UK counts for 1.7% of global Co2.


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