NHS Goes Bust Under Corbyn

NHS Goes Bust Under Corbyn

Tommy Corbyn’s National Hemp Service, his “NHS” business selling hemp, a strain of cannabis, from a cafe in Islington North has gone bust. According to the Daily Mail, Jeremy himself was giving Tommy the benefit of his, errr, business expertise for the cafe, “I go there quite often to observe the building work and give my opinion. It’s doing really well. I’ve advised him to not take anything out of the business for as long as he can handle not to. Small business is very important. Don’t take anything out, put your efforts in.” The firm is now in liquidation…

It is not clear why the firm was put into liquidation – losing investors £100,000.  One investor, Jeff Ditchfield, who has seen £30,000 from his pension fund go up in smoke reckons “it’s been put into liquidation because of mismanagement by the directors”, Tommy Corbyn and his girlfriend Chloe are the directors. Business conditions will only get worse under his father’s and Tory plans, corporation taxes are going to be jacked up. The Tory manifesto tomorrow will, according to reports, also hike up capital gains taxes on entrepreneurs when they sell their business. If Tommy had started up an online hemp service the Tories plan to pile on a digital sales tax as well. Are there any pro-business parties in this election?

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