General Election 2019 LIVE: Boris Johnson has launched ANOTHER bus

BORIS Johnson has launched ANOTHER bus – but this time it’s the Tory party election campaign coach.

The PM addressed supporters as he stood in front of the coach emblazoned with ‘Get Brexit Done’ in huge letters.

He said that most Brits can see it is now time to deliver “will of the people” and sort out Brexit.

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  1. From the Netherlands: We are FOR Brexit, its good for Brittain to leave te EU, We Dutch, want also a Nexit, take control over your own country again, and your jobs, do not let Corbyn win, and stay in the EU that should brittain looks like a country of people, who does not do what the brittisch people already voted for: to LEAVE the EU. Brussels is a manipulated city and behind all this is a shadow kabinet, that make the rules. NOT the Brittisch are boss in england, but th EU criminals, that rob you posesions, your jobs, your housing etc, Leaving the EU will be the BEST that england can do, and it will make Brittain GREAT again, and united.


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