Fresnel Prism Lens Points to ‘Corbyn Having a Stroke’

Fresnel Prism Lens Points to ‘Corbyn Having a Stroke’

Campaigning takes a lot of energy from, and health in, a party leader – being PM requires even more. For months now, Westminster has been loudly whispering about Jeremy Corbyn’s health; specifically, whether he had a stroke – something the Labour Party have described as “fake news”. Media outlets have touched on it…

  • In June, the Times reported that senior civil servants said Corbyn was “too frail to be PM”.
  • Also in June, a row erupted when rumours spread Corbyn was having to be “driven home for afternoon naps“.
  • In July, the FT reported officials gossip that Corbyn’s new severely droopy eye condition was caused by a “mini-stroke”.
  • In July, the Guardian reported Corbyn was due to undergo an operation at Moorsfield eye hospital for a “muscle weakness in his right eye” and “categorically denied claims he had a minor stroke”. 

Labour briefed that Corbyn’s muscle weakness was causing him to squint. Photos clearly show Corbyn’s problem is much more than a squint. His right eye has visibly fallen – something that is often a sign of a stroke. The other worry for would-be voters can be seen, as Guido’s previously reported, with Corbyn’s glasses. At PMQs, the cameras caught just how much thicker the lens on his droopy eye is.

One Labour source told Guido at Labour Party conference this was a clear sign of a stroke. The lens for his right eye – clearly seen in the pictures above – is called a ‘fresnel prism’ lens. Fresnel prism lenses are given to stroke victims’ to help with double vision that is often caused by a stroke. Again, this isn’t just muscle weakness as Labour claim…

Then there’s the tiredness and the memory loss. As the Mail has reported, it got to the stage recently where Jeremy was getting so tired he was having to go home for naps. This could be age, he is 70, it could also be stroke related. He has been noticeably more forgetful.

People have always asked whether Corbyn’s far-left politics makes him fit to be PM, his beliefs might not be the only thing that makes him unfit to be commander in chief. One practising medical professional told Guido all these signs can be symptomatic of a past stroke. Corbyn has in the past released his tax records. More usefully Labour could clear up any doubts by coming forward with his medical records…

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