Election POLL: Ben Habib thinks Brexit Party will have 20 MPs – do you agree? VOTE HERE

BEN HABIB insisted he will be surprised if the Brexit Party does not win “at least five” seats in the upcoming election, before adding he hopes his party will win 20 seats. But do you think the Brexit Party will win 20 seats?

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  1. I think the Brexit Party will win four or five seats, certainly no more than ten.

    But, I also think the Tories will have a majority of no more than 25, so those four or five seats could be crucial.

    As for the other Parties, I can see the Liberal Democrats winning more seats than Labour, while the SNP win all of Scotland (which will mean Jo Swinson will lose her seat).

    To paraphrase the old CHinese proverb, we surely are living "in interesting times.

    1. That would make BRILLIANT NEWS if she did ...I hate her so INSINCERE SMIRK, good to see it taken off...!!!


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