Diane Abbott Health Watch

Diane Abbott Health Watch

Social media was abuzz last night talking about Jeremy Corbyn’s wonky glasses during the ITV debate. As Guido has explained before, this is down to his new Fresnel Prism Lens, a feature of glasses typically given to stroke victims.

Dr. Guido has not, however, been able to identify the mysterious illness to which Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott succumbed in the crucial final days of the 2017 election campaign. Readers will remember it gave Corbyn the convenient excuse to replace Abbott with ‘Temporary Shadow Home Secretary’ Lyn Brown. Who coincidentally and conveniently was not a spontaneously mentioned drag on the doorsteps…

An email prankster posing as Seamus Milne got Abbott to respond to his message asking about “adding colour to the illness story”. Abbott responded tellingly…

“I’m not sure what I can add… diabetes, in itself, would not stop me doing Women’s Hour. I am worried about telling untruths about my health which are easily disproved.”

It was a similar mysterious illness that prevented Abbott from voting to trigger Article 50. John Mann claimed that she feigned the illness to get out of voting. Surely not..?

After the election, Abbott claimed her diabetes prevented her from staying in post for the final few days of the campaign, despite her leaked email saying otherwise. By comparison, Theresa May, also a diabetic, did not temporarily stop being Prime Minister. Although such a mid-campaign move may have helped Tory efforts last time…

Will Abbott’s same seemingly unidentifiable ailment rear its head for a convenient third time in the final weeks of this election? Diane is 66 years old, her former boyfriend is Corbyn is 70 years old, campaigning is grueling….

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