Dawn Butler’s Hapless Numbers Interview Car Crash

Dawn Butler’s Hapless Numbers Interview Car Crash

Dawn Butler has had the first excruciating ‘Diane Abbott’ moment of the campaign, claiming that the numbers of rough sleepers in her constituency stood at 3,000 when in reality the number is just 248. When asked what the number of rough sleepers in the UK is, she responded:

Dawn Butler: “Now I can tell you that in 2007 I had around 3,000 or so rough sleepers in Brent.”

Nick Ferrari: “But what I find incredible is, Dawn Butler you say 3,000 people sleep rough in Brent, well the last figures that we have for 2017, is that there were 4,751 people sleeping rough in the whole of England… of whom 3,000 were in Brent? Are you sure you have got your figures right.”

Dawn Butler: No, no I said in 2006 or 7 there was around that figure… I know when we get to talk about numbers it is quite exciting for you, and… and you’re very good at that so I can…

If Butler is right that in Brent alone in 2007 there were 3,000 rough sleepers, and today there are a little over that in the whole of England – that would imply there has been a considerable drop in rough sleepers over the last decade. Today, the real number of rough sleepers in Butler’s constituency is 248, meaning Butler inflated the figure by 1,109.6%…

Dawn Butler’s on a roll at the moment, having also not quite grasped the point of the debate spin room last night when she started spinning for Boris

Boris’s Campbell…

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