CCHQ Releases lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to

CCHQ Releases lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to

The official Conservative YouTube account has released a 71-minute long lo-fi ‘Boriswave’ video “to relax/get Brexit done to”. Sadly Guido can confirm it has not yet been played in the background of CCHQ, but staff are campaigning to put it on later this afternoon…

‘Lo-fi Chill Beats Study Mix’ is a popular genre of long-form video on YouTube featuring relaxing trip-hop and hip-hop backing tracks that people often put on in the background to relax or study to. The genre has spun off popular parodies ranging from Waluigiwave to Moggwave. The Tories’ digital gurus Topham & Guerin are making sure this election is nothing like 2017…

The comments are – unusually for a political video – open, and overwhelmingly positive towards the Tories’ new video.

After some rocky polls yesterday, can Boriswave turn things around for the Tories..?

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  1. All this talk by Boris of his great deal for Britain. Yet the people are asked to vote for a Torie victory without seeing the content of what some call Boris/ May toxic deal . Yes we all know about the give away manifesto, bribing the voters with THEIR OWN MONEY after Ten years of Torie austerity. Ok so he his bribing the people with out revealing the content so HIS/MAYS TOXIC DEAL Why should the people buy a pig in a poke.This election is vital for Britain's future YET WE ARE NOT BEING ALLOWED TO READ THE BORIS WONDERFUL DEAL. DEMOCRACY NEVER CENSORSHIP YES.


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