Campaign Round-Up: 27 Days To Go

Campaign Round-Up: 27 Days To Go


  • Day dismissing Labour’s policy of nationalising BT
  • Launched their battlebus
  • New promises to cut business taxes to help the highstreet
  • Topline(s):
    • Labour will open our borders
    • Labour can’t deliver free internet


  • Big announcement to provide free broadband to every home
  •  Topline(s):
    • It’s time to connect the country
    • The next manifesto will amount to real change


  • The Lib Dems will spend £100 billion tackling the climate emergency
  • Still lobbying to take part in the TV debates
  •  Topline(s):
    • Brexit is costing the economy £1 billion per week

Brexit Party

  • Focus on their constitutional reforms, including the abolition of the House of Lords
  • Topline(s)
    • Vote for The Brexit Party to stop a second referendum!

Cut through

  • Boris’s morning media round
  • Corbyn’s broadband pledge

Latest polls:

Panelbase: CON: 43% (+3) LAB: 30% (-) LDEM: 15% (-) BREX: 5% (-3)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Previous in Brackets):

    • Tories: 8/15 (4/7)
    • No overall: 7/4 (13/8)
    • Labour: 20/1 (20/1)
    • Lib Dems: 150/1 (150/1)
    • Brexit Party: -* (250/1)
*The Brexit Party can no longer win a majority due to standing in only a minority of seats

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