Boris Johnson will rush Parliament back for new Queen’s Speech within a week of the election to deliver Brexit

BORIS Johnson will rush Parliament back for a new Queen’s Speech within a week of the election to deliver Brexit.

No10 yesterday said the monarch will reopen Parliament on Thursday December 19 if the Tories win the nationwide vote.

The Queen will reopen Parliament within a week of the election to deliver Brexit if the Tories win a majority

The Tory leader then plans to reintroduce his Withdrawal Agreement Bill the following day, The Sun can reveal.

The PM will decide on whether to press ahead with a landmark new vote on his Brexit deal after polling day on December 12 — depending on whether he gets a majority and the size of it.

That too could come before Christmas and even as late as December 24 in a defiant statement to the nation, it has emerged.

A senior Tory source told The Sun: “Getting on with Brexit is the PM’s No1 priority and he is determined to demonstrate that. There is no time to lose before January 31”. As December 19 is just nine weeks after the last time the 93-year-old monarch opened Parliament, No10 said it would go ahead with “reduced ceremonial elements”.

The Queen will still carry out the function, accompanied by Prince Charles as the Duke of Edinburgh is now too old.

But she will ditch her state carriage and Household Cavalry-mounted escort in a repeat of the dumbed-down ceremony after the 2017 election.

The event may mean the Queen has to delay for a few days her departure to her Norfolk estate of Sandringham, where the royals always spend Christmas.

Parliament will be summoned to return two days earlier on December 17. But if Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn seizes power, the Queen’s Speech is expected to be put back to January.


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