Boris Johnson vows to end decade of austerity by turning on spending taps from 2020 if he wins General Election

BORIS Johnson last night heralded a Happy Blue Year with an end to a decade of austerity if he wins the Christmas election and delivers Brexit.

The Tory leader unveiled a jumbo manifesto package of spending promises aimed at ordinary working families — including seven key pledges.

Boris Johnson unveiled a jumbo manifesto package of spending promises aimed at ordinary working families

He said he would turn on the spending taps for the NHS, promising £650million a week, including 50,000 new nurses.

Mr Johnson also offered up £3.3billion in new tax cuts yesterday.

Most of it will come from raising the National Insurance threshold to give every worker in the country an £85 tax cut next year, for starters.

And the Conservatives’ election manifesto pledges £100billion to rebuild Britain’s creaking transport and infrastructure network, 20,000 more police and billions of pounds more for schools.

Mr Johnson declared that only by getting Brexit done quickly could he deliver on the rest — and he urged the country to be “Corbyn neutral by Christmas”.

Speaking in Telford, Shrops, the Prime Minister said: “The stakes have never been higher and the choice has never been starker.

That is the choice between out-and-out retrograde socialism and sensible One Nation Conservatism.”

The 60-page manifesto was unveiled on a day when it was revealed that:

  • SPENDING on the NHS will increase by £33.9billion by 2023-24;
  • THE £650million a week for the NHS is nearly twice what Mr Johnson promised on his Vote Leave battle bus in 2016;
  • THE Tories pledged in writing never to sell off the NHS;
  • EXPERTS exposed a massive credibility gap between the two main parties after it was revealed Labour’s “fantasy” promises meant they would spend an eye-watering £28 for every £1 extra pledged by the Tories;
  • THE Sun won a victory as Mr Johnson pledged not to cut troop numbers in the Army, and;
  • THE Conservatives enjoyed a lead over Labour of up to 19 points in the latest polls.

The Tories’ manifesto is significantly stripped down from the party’s disastrous offer in 2017 — which caused them to crash in polls before election day.


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