What is Strika? The drink Wetherspoons is swapping Jägermeister for to make ‘Strikabombs’ and what other drinks are leaving and why?

WETHERSPOONS will no longer stock Jagermeister as the Brexiteer firm prepares to exile European drinks.

Here is all you need to know about this unexpected development in the wake of the Brexit vote.

We'll be having none of that sort of thing in WetherspoonsWe’ll be having none of that sort of thing in Wetherspoons but there is a British alternative at handGetty Images - Getty Why are the drinks leaving?

The chairman of the pub, Tim Martin, a strong supporter of Brexit, said: “The three new products will be offered at a lower price than those they are replacing.”

He also said customers liked the new products: “In blind tastings conducted by Wetherspoon, the new products were more popular than those they are replacing.

“All EU products have UK or non-EU replacements, often at equal or better quality and price.”

Guy Lawrence, the CEO of Jägermeister UK has said: “Naturally we are disappointed that UK consumers will no longer be able to enjoy our products at Wetherspoons venues.

“We have always enjoyed a close working relationship with JD Wetherspoon and are sorry to be parting in this way.”

What is Strika?

Strika, a herbal liqueur produced in England, will replace Jägermeister.

The drink is said to taste like its German counterpart and crucially mixes well with energy drinks.

A round of Strikabombs then please.

Barred... Wetherspoons is set to banish some European drinksChangable Wetherspoons… The pub company is set to banish some European drinksGetty - Contributor


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