‘UK must SUFFER’ - Angela Merkel makes SHOCKING statement about Brexit, claims BBC editor

ANGELA Merkel was quoted as saying “the UK must suffer a little bit” in the Brexit negotiations, the same day Theresa May warned MPs that if her Chequers proposal is not supported in the House of Commons the UK will face a "no deal" Brexit.


  1. Why would this be a shock to anyone she wants to rule Europe like Adolf wanted to she is doing this by stealth. She is right and everyone else is wrong we have been paying huge amounts to EU whereas 20of the EU countries don't even contribute anything what a corrupt system she doesn't want us to leave so project fear is her answer

  2. The countries which never oppose or question her get funding. The countries who raise questions pay money. The remainers want us to stay- what are they really saying?

  3. The UK chose Brexit,voluntarily ,UK will suffer Brexit and pay painfully for Brexit price tags,it is so obvious.
    Brexit UK the marooned castaway island called Britain ,experiencing Dickensian Britain,of hunger,poverty,squalor,starvation,anarchy,self inflicted deprivation,depression and disintegration .
    Brain drain en masse will occur,in Brexit UK as professionals ,employers,employees will move,migrate and move abroad for better prospects and opportunities. Capital flight will occur en masse in Brexit UK as global investors,financiers,wealth assets manages ,hedge funders have no confidence in the UK micro,macro economy.
    This will create unfavourable Terms of Trade for Brexit UK ,leading sluggish,stagnant and stale no economic growth and thereby creating a gargantuan economic recession and no productive output ,thereby slump and budget balance of payments deficits.

    Our manufacturing base will shrink,fragment and be lost completely to emerged economic super powers of China,India and Brazil,..exports will suffer abroad ,due to competition and new rules,regulations and legal compliance and contracts.

    Brexit UK will suffer setbacks in WTO ,Free Trade Zones as the members will have to agree the acceptance in MOU,EOI agreements .

    The most important is the European Union withdrawing and revoking the Passporting Rights Privileges of the city of London and the Square Mile ,will trigger collapse of the UK services sectors and derivatives industry,markets and supplier chains from Fintech,Finance, Business Banking,Insurance,Legaltech ,Legal,tech,Edtech,Innovation,Design ,AI,Automation,Robotics,Banking etc etc. This will create a knock on effect on Brand UK and UK Plc. Canary wharf will become a ghost town or city ,and squatters will move in to occupy,possess empty,abandoned plush office spaces,affluent river view apartments and condominiums in droves,and the UK property sector,industry and market will crash,and million pounds sterling homes will sell £1 .

    Then the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse will visit the UK with Armageddon and inflict,afflict sufferings of hunger,starvation,squalor,deprivation,depression,anarchy,division,xenophobia ,famine,lack etc,etc.

    Brexit UK will regret Brexit UK,as Brexit will come haunt the UK big time ,doomsday will be free for fall in Brexit wilderness,isolation,desolation,oblivion ,desert experiences ,UK will beg to rejoin the EU back again, as a Biblical prodigal child #Germany #France will lay strict,stringent ground rules for the UK to abide with and be legally compliant with ,to humiliate the UK and deter any nation that will go the Brexit path ever again.

    I discussed this with a business associate,partner,in November 2015 at Stratford ,East London after eating out at the Strafford Shopping Centre.

    Now is the calm before the storm ,before the arrival of the sufferings of Brexit UK the viral mutant contagion of the British Tragedy called Brexit or Britain exits,i rest my case.

    1. #Brexit UK will come decimate,decapitate and destroy the brand UK and British Plc,step by step .Brexit will crash,manhandle and humble the UK .

  4. UK people buckle up,for Brexit will come try the UK ,in generational collation,race,ethnic,religious ,sexual orientation and in particular households,population,demographics cohesion,co existence and habitation and dispersion rest my case.


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