Theresa May’s in danger of a non-Brexit Brexit with her Chequers plan — and the lady’s not for learning

IT’S back-to-school day in Westminster, and there is only one question on everybody’s lips.

Will the headmistress have the authority to impose discipline on her unruly students?

Theresa MayAs unruly MPs head back to Westminster, will PM Theresa May be able to control the Brexit debate?

Two months ago, the Prime Minister shattered what was left of Conservative Party unity when she produced her plan for Brexit at Chequers.

Having said Britain will take back control of our laws, money and borders, and strike our own trade deals around the world, she erased her red lines.

At Chequers, she said Britain would follow certain EU laws, accept rulings of the European Court of Justice and adopt a customs policy that casts doubt on our ability to agree trade deals with other countries.

Her Brexit Secretary, David Davis, and her Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, resigned in protest, and since then Westminster has waited anxiously to see what happens next.

David Davis


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