Theresa May’s Chequers deal suffers blow after key DUP allies back alternative plan from Brexit hardliners

THERESA May’s troubled Chequers deal was dealt a fresh blow last night after her key Northern Irish allies backed an alternative plan put forward by Brexit hardliners.

The DUP threw their support behind the Brexiteers complex ideas at how the Irish border could work – despite critics branding their vision a “bureaucratic nightmare.”

Theresa May's Chequers plan has suffered a further blow as DUP support alternative solution to Irish borderTheresa May’s Chequers plan has suffered a further blow as DUP support alternative solution to Irish borderAlamy Live News

Following the Tories 2017 Election disaster, Mrs May needs the DUP’s ten MPs to give her a working majority – casting doubt on whether she will be able to get her soft Brexit blueprint through the Commons.

Yesterday Jacob Rees Mogg’s European Research Group finally unveiled their long awaited alternative ideas on how to avoid a Hard Border after weeks of pressure from Downing Street.

Britain would offer a slow drift from Brussels rules on goods but heap red tape on small businesses. There would be “equivalence” of UK and EU regulations for the safety of agricultural products and the UK would allow Brussels inspectors into Northern Ireland to check their implementation.

Goods would be checked at the point of origin and at the point of sale rather than on border. And tiny firms currently exempt would be asked “voluntarily” sign up to VAT in order to track goods shipped across the Irish border.

Arlene Foster's party has agreed with hardline Brexiteers solution over the Irish borderArlene Foster’s party has agreed with hardline Brexiteers’ solution over the Irish borderPA:Press Association Resse-Moggs research group's plan for alternative Irish border has been called a 'bureaucratic nightmare'


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