Theresa May insists she’ll still be ‘a bloody difficult woman’ when it comes to showdown Brexit talks

THERESA May has said she intends to be “a bloody difficult woman” in the upcoming key Brexit talks as she took a swipe at the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister said she would deliver on her reputation as being “difficult” when she leads Britain in the crunch Brexit talks with the European Union in the coming weeks.

Theresa May has called Boris Johnson’s recent remarks about her Brexit plan ‘inappropriate’

Mrs May, was previously branded a “bloody difficult woman” by Tory MP Ken Clarke, and she claimed that side to her was still there.

She said:  “There’s a difference between those who think you can only be bloody difficult in public and those who think, actually, you bide your time, and you’re bloody difficult when the time is right – and when it really matters.”

The Prime Minister added she had become “a little bit irritated” over constant questions about her leadership as many Westminster observers think Mr Johnson could launched a bit to overthrow her before the Brexit deadline next year.

She used a BBC Panorama programme, which will be aired this week, to attack her political rival.

May promised to be tough with the EU in the upcoming Brexit talks The Prime Minister took Boris Johnson to task for his ‘suicide vest’ comment

Referring to Mr Johnson’s previous comment that her Chequers proposal to the European Union had “wrapped a suicide vest” around the country, Mrs May said: “Using language like that was not right. It’s not language I would have used.”

Mrs May added there was “a difference between those who...


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