Theresa May dashes to Salzburg for 10-minute crunch plea with EU leaders to drop ‘unacceptable’ demands on Irish border

THERESA May will today dash to Salzburg for a crunch summit with EU leaders where she will get 10 minutes to plead with them to drop their “unacceptable” demands on the Irish border.

She will warn that there will be No Deal on Brexit unless the demands to cut up the UK by putting a border in the Irish sea are dumped.

Theresa May will fly to Salzburg later today to make an appeal to EU leaders on BrexitRex Features

Writing in German newspaper Die Welt today, she accused the bloc of trying to put demands on her “which no other country would accept”.

She wrote: “Just as the UK has evolved its position, the EU will need to do the same. Neither side can demand the unacceptable of the other.”

And on her Chequers plan – which the EU has said won’t work either – she slapped them down for rejecting their ideas which are seen elsewhere.

Later the PM will appeal to the other 27 leaders to unlock talks and go over the heads of the European Commission to push ahead towards a deal.

She will make a 10 minute plea to other leaders to drop their hardline demands over the Irish borderTwiter

“What we are proposing is a fair arrangement that will work for the EU’s economy as well as for the UK’s without undermining the single market,” she is expected to say.

“This would be balanced by a strong security relationship to keep all our citizens safe from threats at home and abroad.”

The PM will have just a few minutes to make her case to the other leaders, and will join them for a working dinner later.

Yesterday Donald Tusk urged them to “act responsibly” and “avoid a catastrophe”.

But EU leaders are divided on how to deal with the talks – with some wanting...


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