The Sun Says we can’t wait to free ourselves of the two-bit mobsters who run the European Union

Euro mobsters ambush May

WE can’t wait to shake ourselves free of the two-bit mobsters who run the European Union.

EU leaders promised a fair hearing on our future relationship at yesterday’s crunch Salzburg summit.

French PM Emmanuel Macron and the EU’s Donald Tusk have acted more like gangsters than politicians

Instead, Mrs May was ambushed with a cack-handed attempt to sign us up to Brussels’ unacceptable terms there and then.

The PM refused to budge on the UK’s red lines, and she’s absolutely right to do so. This lot are more Bugsy Malone than Al Capone.

Yesterday the leaders of the undemocratic European Union showed their true colours.

This isn’t some grand project, designed to bring the peoples of Europe together in one happy union. It’s a protection racket.

Macron took a vicious swipe at Brexit campaigners and Tusk warned the PM that she will have to ‘rework’ her Chequers plansAP:Associated Press Theresa May has been the subject of the EU’s calculated attempts to embarrass herEPA

But even before the Prime Minister had been the subject of calculated attempts to humiliate her, we saw just how detached from reality Europe’s leaders have become.

Maltese and Czech leaders told Britain to hold a second referendum, employing the same tactic that the EU has used in Ireland and Denmark before.

This isn’t based on the half-baked “democratic” argument clung to...


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