Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calls for Brexit talks extension if No Deal is reached

SCOTLAND boss Nicola Sturgeon mounted a fresh bid to delay Brexit yesterday by calling for an extension to talks if there is no deal.

The First Minister wrote to all opposition party leaders at Westminster to back her call, including Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn.

Scottish boss wrote to every Labour member to back her demands to extend Brexit talksNicola Sturgeon has made a fresh bid for a talks extension if a No Deal Brexit is reached with the EUGetty - Contributor

Ms Sturgeon’s demand came as new studies exposed the scale of the damage to the British economy is there is no agreement and a cliff edge Brexit.

The Scotland chief said: “If the choice we face is between no deal and no detail, then an extension to the Article 50 negotiation period must be on the table as the only way to avoid an economic cliff edge, and allow all alternative options to be considered”.

A report by Oxford Economics forecasting group claimed 2% would be lopped off the nation’s growth by 2020 under a no deal scenario.

The Pound would plummet and inflation would surge above 4%, it also found.


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