Robot bricklayers could take over after Brexit to make up for loss of skilled labourers from the EU

ROBOT brickies could become common in Brexit Britain — to make up for the loss of labourers from the EU.

They could lay 3,000 bricks a day compared with a worker’s 300 to 600, manufacturers say.

Getty - Contributor EU bricklayers in the UK could be replaced with robots to deal with a labourer shortage after Brexit[/caption]

Britain’s construction sector is more receptive to the idea than other countries, research found.

A survey of more than 400 property developers showed that 47 per cent predict robots will bring disruptive change, compared with 34 per cent globally.

About 41 per cent of British developers were also more likely to see the potential for drones, compared with 28 per cent worldwide.

Trials of robot brickies are already under way.

PA:Press Association British developers are more open to robots and drones than their international counterparts[/caption]


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