Rees-Mogg Responds Positively to May’s Brexit Speech Positively

ERG Chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg has issued a response to the Prime Minister’s statement in Downing Street. Read it in full here:

“Salzburg was a failure even though European leaders had been briefed about Chequers before it was agreed by the Cabinet. It indicates that the EU is not acting in good faith. This makes the Prime Minister’s task harder and she is right to remind them that no deal is better than a bad deal.

“The Prime Minister is also right to protect the rights of people from EU member states living in this country regardless of whether there is a deal. Likewise her determination not to erect barriers between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic is sensible and something many have previously suggested.

“The tone is strong and forthright and shows confidence in the UK’s future. However, there is still no reason to suppose that Chequers can work either for the UK or the EU.

“It is time for the government to start putting forward as its plan a Canada-style free trade agreement for the whole of the UK. This is the most realistic approach and similar to the EU’s proposal.

“Moreover, as every vote in parliament has so far shown, it is the one way which could command a majority in the House of Commons.

“On the matter of the UK’s border with Ireland, the EU can have the solutions proposed by the ERG that respect the integrity of the Single Market and which have been supported by the DUP.

“The Prime Minister has shown steely resolve at the eleventh hour and is standing up to the EU bullies. The next step is to say to the EU £40 billion and free trade or World Trade terms.”

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