Pound soars as Angela Merkel opens the door to a Brexit deal by backing down on Europe’s red lines

ANGELA Merkel tonight opened to the door to a Brexit fudge by suggesting the final deal could be short and vague to avoid a cliff-edge.

But Theresa May hit back to demand a detailed trade deal – as the PM prepared a last ditch bid to sell her troubled Chequers plan to Tory faithful.

Angela Merkel today opened the door to a deal on BrexitGetty - Contributor

The pound soared after claims from the German Chancellor that she was prepared to use “all our force and creativity” to ensure there is not a No Deal Brexit.

And Berlin insiders told Bloomberg that Germany is now prepared to accept a much less detailed declaration on trade than Mrs Merkel had originally supported – sparking fears of “kicking the can down the road”.

The fudge would see the UK sign the Withdrawal Agreement and secure a transition, but quit the bloc with only vague promises on what future relations will be.

Such a scenario, dubbed a ‘blind Brexit’, is opposed by Emmanuel Macron and most Brexit-backing MPs who fear further climb downs after Britain has departed.

The news will come as a boost to Theresa MayPA:Press Association

Giving evidence to MPs today Dominic Raab repeated demands for a detailed trade deal – in return for the whopping £38billion divorce bill.

The Brexit Secretary warned MPs would be unlikely to back a deal that had an “unclear destination point” and stressed: “We would like to be very clear on the choice of relationship.”

And Downing Street said: “There needs to be a meaningful vote on the agreement, based on proper information. Parliament needs to make an informed decision.”

The latest row came as the PM prepared a last ditch bid to


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