'No-one in the world does that!' Julia Hartley-Brewer RIDICULES 'bizarre' EU money demand

RADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer and Tory MP Owen Peterson have mocked the "bizarre" logic behind the idea that Britain would be forced to pay to trade with the EU, when Brussels has "an enormous surplus" with the UK.


  1. The idea of paying for trade is fundamentally corrupt and leads to even more corruptness. There are no exceptions to this at all, we even fined our own companies (BAE) for paying for trade so why the hell do we even entertain the thought that it is OK with the EU when we know it is the most corrupt organisation in the world?

    1. Normal, remember they are politicians, so if you see their lips move you know they are telling lies, when the Common market first came out it was a good idea, and it was all based on the Benelux system, where they traded with other and kept their own house in order and not poking their nose in to the business of their trading partners, but like all things when a politician thinks " what's in it for me" then the trouble starts, greed and profit lifts it's ugly head. Words get moved around and changed and so we end up with a power that wants to control everything, even wanting their own army? and police force?, and all we wanted to do was buy apples from Belgium and wine from France, where did the army and police force come in to it?


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