No Deal Brexit would have a positive impact on Britain’s dying fish industry, minister claims

A NO deal Brexit would spark a boom in Britain’s ailing fishing industry, Fishing Minister George Eustice declared Wednesday.

The Tory Brexiteer told MPs that Brussels talks collapsing would give “fishermen a big increase in their fishing opportunities because we will have control of our own resources”.

Alamy Live News Fishing Minister George Eustice said British fishermen would benefit from a No Deal Brexit[/caption]

He added that would have a “positive impact” on the industry.

And he told the Environment Committee fishermen have “nothing to fear, as fishing is one of the key areas where we would gain” without a deal with the EU.

Mr Eustice added that British boats would still have access to European waters as the UK would rejoined the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission.

He also told MPs that securing a new agreement to end the scallop wars in the English Channel would be “the right outcome”.

Getty Images - Getty Securing a new agreement to end the scallop wars would be ‘the right outcome’, Eustice said[/caption]

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