Nigel Farage set to tour Britain drumming up support for No Deal Brexit as Remoaners step up push for second referendum

BREXIT battles are set to ramp up yet again – as Nigel Farage prepares a tour of Britain trying to push a No Deal scenario.

The ex-Ukip leader is teaming up with other senior Brexiteers and holding a series of high-profile rallies designed to put pressure on Theresa May.

Farage has already secured a place in the nation's history booksNigel Farage is touring Britain drumming up support for a No Deal BrexitEPA

And the PM is also being squeezed on the other side as calls grow for a second referendum which could keep us in the EU.

Mr Farage is leading the push to convince ministers they should ditch the proposals agreed at Chequers – and instead adopt a No Deal approach where we trade with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms.

He is headlining at least six rallies over the next few weeks, visiting towns including Bolton, Torquay and Gateshead with the Leave Means Leave group.

The former Ukip boss will speak alongside senior Tories such as David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg, as well as Labour figures including Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan wants a re-run of the referendum to get the result he wantsMayor of London Sadiq Khan wants a re-run of the referendum to get the result he wantsGetty - Pool Leave Means Leave has launched a new advertising campaign

In a direct challenge to Mrs May, one rally will take place in Birmingham on the same day the Tory party conference starts in the same city.

Businessman Richard Tice said today: “Leave Means Leave will be travelling across...


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