Michael Gove admits PM’s plan for Brexit is temporary – and could be changed in years to come

THERESA May’s plans for Brexit are only supposed to be temporary – and will change in the future, Michael Gove admitted today.

The top Brexiteer hinted MPs should support the proposals which were thrashed out by the PM at Chequers – and then dump them in years to come to get a looser relationship with the EU.

DEFRA boss Michael Gove was forced to reassure farmers that food wouldn't rot in the advent of a No Deal BrexitMichael Gove has defended Theresa May’s Brexit plansPA:Press Association

Mr Gove has defied his pro-Brexit colleagues and stood behind the Chequers plan even though it will keep Britain and Europe closely tied together.

But today he refused to say the plans were permanent and insisted a future Prime Minister would have the power to negotiate a totally different arrangement if they wanted.

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the Environment Secretary said: “I think it’s the right solution for this country to leave the European Union on the basis of the terms that we’ve negotiated.

“There’s one critical thing, a future Prime Minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.

Theresa May made it clear Britain would rethink its agreement on the exit settlement if an arrangement on future trading relations was not reachedTheresa May is pushing the plans she thrashed out at ChequersPRU

“But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

Mr Gove added: “We also have a democratic lock, it is up to the House of Commons in the future.”


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