May vows to be 'bloody DIFFICULT woman' in crunch Brexit talks this week

THERESA May has vowed to be a “bloody difficult woman” when she goes head to head with EU leaders in Salzburg this week over Brexit. In a sign of renewed confidence that she can strike a good deal for Britain, the Prime Minister has revived the quote from former cabinet colleague Ken Clarke to describe her toughness which emerged during the leadership contest in 2016.


  1. Words again from Mrs May. Remember when she said 'Brexit means Brexit'? Remember when she spelled out what her red lines were? In several speeches? Now we have seen she is not only a woman of straw, unable to deliver the leadership that Brexit would always have demanded, but she betrays the essential requirement of leadership - integrity and honesty. As such, she has lost the trust of whole swathes of the country - in her Tory grassroots and branches, across Labour heartlands who voted Leave, across her own MPs (where she is clearly struggling to ramp up much support for her Chequers cave-in, and using fear tactics again), and yes, of course, those of her MPs who have long supported Brexit, and who believed her when she so clearly promised to deliver it. There comes a time when you have lost the trust of most of your support base, that the only credible and honourable thing to do is to resign. Pig-headedness does not enable pigs to fly, and she needs to face reality that she has betrayed too many, for too long, and for so little. As Cromwell said to Parliament, and repeated in part later by Leo Amery to Chamberlain 'you have sat too long for any good you have been doing, depart I say, and let us have done with you - in the name of God, go!' Could not put it better if I laboured for days over such a poignant and relevant speech.


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