Mandy’s Two-Faced Second Referendum Pitch

Poor old Peter Mandelson has been trying his hardest to lure Theresa May into backing a second referendum, even telling her that holding a second referendum would help her face down the “Brextremists” in her party. Nice try, Mandy…

But is that what he really thinks? Guido wonders if he’s been listening to what political consultancy Global Counsel have to say on the matter:

“I don’t think a second referendum will happen because the Prime Minister… says it would be a betrayal of democracy. You can’t really envisage a scenario where [she] rolls over and reneges on that particular position. I think a general election is more likely.”

Who is the co-founder and Chairman of Global Counsel? None other than a certain… Peter Mandelson. Not like him to say one thing to the voters and another to well-paying private clients…

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  1. This buffoon should have been sent to prison for his mortgage fraud conviction instead of being protected by his criminal pal Tony Blair then sent to the EU where he gets more of a pension for 4""years there than a police officer gets for working 30yesrs of shifts he has never had a proper job in his life and just wants to stay in EU to protect his gravy train another disgusting individual wanting even more money greedy bastard


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