Lib Dems launch push to cancel Brexit WITHOUT another referendum

BRITAIN should cancel Brexit even without holding a second referendum if we’re heading for a No Deal scenario, the Lib Dems said today.

The party voted to adopt a new policy which would see the Government tell the EU we no longer want to leave in March next year.

Vince Cable’s party wants to stop Brexit – even without a referendumPA:Press Association

The controversial plan emerged as anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller told Lib Dem activists that quitting the EU is like WW2.

The party’s longstanding policy is to fight for a second referendum on Brexit which could overturn the result of the 2016 vote.

But at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton, party members voted to adopt a more radical policy which might see Brexit reversed on the say-so of Parliament – without the public getting a say.

The new policy, backed by leader Vince Cable, calls for the Government to extend the Article 50 process – the formal mechanism of quitting the EU – to give time for a new referendum.

Gina Miller has given a speech to Lib Dem conferencePA:Press Association

But it adds that if Brussels refuses to accept an extension, the UK should unilaterally revoke it anyway – keeping Britain in the EU indefinitely.

Today Ms Miller gave a speech at the Lib Dem conference pushing for a re-run of the 2016 referendum.

She said that leaving the EU without a trade deal would be like jumping off a cliff and harked back to WW2 as she laid into senior Brexit-backing politicians.


  1. Sir Vince Cable may remember that we were also conned and lied to by those concerned when we joined "The Common Market" Let us get out and stay out.


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