Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour party has ‘no position’ on second Brexit vote amid growing pressure from within party

JEREMY Corbyn has claimed Labour has “no position” on a second Brexit poll, his clearest signal yet that the party will back a re-run.

The Opposition leader has repeatedly ruled out support for another ballot but will face grassroots calls for a U-turn at his party’s conference later this month.

Getty Images - Getty Jeremy Corbyn said his party has ‘no position’ on a second referendum which is a break from past statements[/caption]

Just last month he said “It’s not our policy to have a second referendum, it’s our policy to respect the result of the referendum.”

But speaking in Hull he told reporters: “We don’t have a position on it yet.”

Labour backing a second referendum would electrify the campaign to see Brexit undone.

Theresa May’s wafer-thin minority would mean only two dozen Tory MPs breaking ranks could plunge Britain back into the Leave vs Remain battle.

Getty Images - Getty Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage said ‘Labour is getting ready to betray Brexit’[/caption]

The GMB union called for a second referendum on Tuesday.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage blasted: “The Labour Party are getting ready to betray Brexit and to betray 5 million of their own voters.”

But Mr Corbyn’s wobble delighted anti-Brexit campaigners.

The Best for Britain group said: “It’s clear that the sands are shifting on Brexit. This week GMB came out in support of a people’s vote, while Unite have left the door open to the British public having a final say.


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