French winemakers see falling Champagne sales as Brits turn to homegrown bubbly

FRENCH winemakers have blamed falling Champagne sales on Brits fed-up with Brexit – but patriotic boozers are simply buying more homegrown fizz.

Experts across the Channel say Champagne sales have plummeted 6% in the UK because we have nothing to celebrate.

Getty - Contributor Champagne sales have plummeted 6% in the UK as Brits turn to homegrown fizz[/caption]

Some four million fewer bottles were sold in Britain last year compared to 2016.

French trade association Comite Champagne said the British market continued to be “adversely affected” by our vote to quit the EU.

But figures show Brits are shunning foreign vino for more homegrown produce – pouring cold water over the claim we’re down in the dumps.

Sales of English fizz have in fact rocketed by some 50% over the past year.

Experts say British vineyards, especially in the south of England, are now some of the most respected in Europe.

Getty - Contributor Sales of British sparkling wine have shot up by half in the last year[/caption]

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