Former Labour bigwig now in charge of Dundee’s V&A museum accused of abusing ‘impartial’ position with ‘Brexit swipe’

THE former Labour bigwig now in charge of the V&A museum has been accused of abusing his “impartial” position by taking a swipe at Brexiteers.

Tristram Hunt raised eyebrows with remarks at Saturday’s launch of the £80million Dundee venue.

The former MP gave a speech at the museum’s opening nightAndy Barr - The Sun Glasgow

The former shadow education secretary, who now earns £195,000 a year as V&A director, said: “This is a truly international museum firmly rooted in local relevance . . . at a time of far too much inward-looking nationalism and parochialism.

“Museums can and do make a difference.”

But Tory Ross Thomson, the pro-Brexit Aberdeen South MP, accused pro-Remain Mr Hunt of using his museum supremo role to “score political points”.

Mr Thomson said: “When Tristram Hunt took the job with the V&A, he said he was leaving ‘partisan politics behind’. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence of that.

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“The V&A is a world-class attraction that has put Dundee firmly on the cultural map — it shouldn’t be used to score political points.”
Former TV historian Mr Hunt stood down as Stoke-on-Trent MP in 2017 after refusing to serve in the shadow cabinet under Jeremy Corbyn.

The new museum cost over £80millionAlamy Live News
He argued that the Labour boss should have done more to persuade people to vote against Brexit.

In his resignation letter to local members, Mr Hunt said: “As I enter a new role as a public servant, I will be leaving partisan politics behind me and will work impartially as a museum director.”


  1. £195,000 a year. Wow. The political class certainly like to keep their snouts in the trough, don't they?


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