Farmers who protect countryside will get priority for state subsidies after Brexit

FARMERS who protect the ­countryside will get priority for state subsidies after Brexit, Michael Gove is expected to say.

The Environment Secretary will unveil a system of “public money for public goods” to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy which enriches well-off landowners.

Alamy Farmers who protect the countryside will be rewarded under new government plans[/caption]

The Agriculture Bill, which will be introduced in Parliament on Wednesday, is the first piece of legislation to detail exactly how any one sector of the economy will change after Brexit.

Mr Gove writes in the Daily Telegraph that farmers will “at last” be properly rewarded for the work they do “to enhance the environment around us”.

Farmers who receive the biggest EU subsidies – £150,000 or more – will see the largest reduction in their grants when the transition begins, with 25 per cent cut in the first year.

Mr Gove writes that the changes will “help farm businesses become more resilient, productive and internationally competitive” and will also make it easier for a new generation of farmers to enter the industry and become “the future custodians of rural Britain”.


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