Dominic Raab blasts John Lewis for blaming money woes on Brexit uncertainty

DOMINIC Raab has sparked a fresh row with business after he told John Lewis not to blame its woes on Brexit.

The high street giant issued a warning yesterday that its profits for the first six months of the year have been almost wiped out, in part because of uncertainty over an exit deal.

EPA Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said retailers should take charge of their own issues[/caption]

But the Brexit Secretary hit back: “I don’t doubt that some of the uncertainty around these negotiations will have an impact on business.

“All I’m gently saying is it’s rather easy for a business to blame Brexit and the politicians rather than take responsibility for their own situation.”

That sparked an angry reaction from John Lewis Partnership chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield.

The retail boss hit back to insist he “didn’t say Brexit was the reason” for the company’s 99% profit slide.

AFP or licensors The profits of John Lewis have taken a mighty hit in the first six months of the year[/caption]

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