David Davis blasts Theresa May and says Phillip Hammond’s Treasury talks ‘b*****ks’

PHILIP Hammond’s Treasury talks “b*****ks” about Brexit and Theresa May is weaker than John Major, David Davis has blasted.

In a second day of direct attacks on the PM, the ex-Brexit Secretary warned forcing Chequers on Britain risks costing the Tories the next Election as furious voters flock to parties like UKIP.

Reuters Theresa May has been heavily criticised by David Davis for being a weak leader[/caption]

And following a speech in Germany he let rip at his former Cabinet colleagues, branding the PM’s election campaign last year “crap”.

He added: “We ran the worst campaign in modern history.”

And in an interview with Huff Post, he let rip at the Chancellor pushing doomsday Brexit warnings based on “15 year economic forecasts that everybody thinks are b******s.”

In an incendiary interview, he warned that there were 40 Tory MPs ready to knife the PM’s Chequers deal in the Commons – and “probably half the party are avowed Leavers of one sort or another.”

Getty Images - Getty Former Brexit Secretary David Davis blasted Philip Hammond’s doomsday Brexit warnings[/caption]

PA:Press Association The ex-Brexit Secretary took a dig at his colleagues following his speech in Munich[/caption]

And he said that was double the rebellion faced by John Major over Europe in the 1990s.

His explosive digs came after a speech in...


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