David Davis accuses Theresa May of being a ‘bigger menace to British voters’ than EU and says Chequers plan is ‘devoid of democracy’

DAVID Davis will accuse Theresa May of being “devoid of democracy” in his most blistering attack on her Chequers plan yet.

Speaking in Munich,he will say the Prime Minister is a bigger menace to voters than Brussels by trying to railroad her compromise plan through the Cabinet and Commons.

Theresa May has been accused of being 'devoid of democracy' by former Brexit ministerTheresa May has been accused of being ‘devoid of democracy’ by former Brexit ministerReuters

Likening her to the worst Eurocrats, he will hit out: “The EU is often correctly described as having a democratic deficit. But Chequers is devoid of democracy altogether.”

Mr Davis dramatically walked out of Government in July after Mrs May sprung the soft Brexit plan on Ministers at her country house.

He will add that “for me, the Chequers plan was always a non-starter,” and insist he will unveil his own “more ambitious” plans “shortly”.

The row over Chequers looks set to dominate the Conservative annual conference in just ten days time.

In a speech in Munich today Mr Davis will continue his criticism of Mrs May's Chequers Brexit plan In a speech in Munich today Mr Davis will continue his criticism of Mrs May’s Chequers Brexit planGetty Images - Getty

Tory bosses braced for a backlash last night admitted they had “suggested” removing the word from events held at the gathering.

MPs, think tanks and charities host hundreds of talks on the fringes of the main gathering every year.

Tory sources claim those heading to Birmingham next month have been told the word “Chequers” is outlawed...


  1. David Davis is quite right. Mrs May's Chequers scheme fails all of her promised commitments and promises. However, it is clear what her big Plan is: 1) to scupper together a (yet to be further) compromised Chequers-based solution 2) to announce with some vigour that it delivers on what the people voted for 3) to get/order as many Cabinet ministers and 'friends' to publicly back it as delivering Brexit fairly 4) to attempt to 'smother' any outspoken opponents by 'managing' the Tory Conference debates and meetings and 5) to argue there is no alternative (she will never be another Maggie by the way), it's this or a messy no deal scenario (bad for jobs, business, GDP, £sterling, inflation and probably the kitchen sink, too). There needs to be a co-ordinated, planned response from several influential people (Rees Mogg, Johnson, Smith, Patterson, Redwood, Bone, Hoey, Field, a few business/financial leaders - Tim Martin, Peter Hargreaves, Mervyn King, James Dyson, et al - which: a) tears apart Chequers very specifically, showing how it fails to deliver on immigration, ECJ, Half-in/half-out and its ludicrous and reneged upon positioning of the UK, but simply and briefly b) negates the 'no alternative' stance via i) Canada++ {and why it was not taken up last March) and ii) debunks the no deal rubbishing that has occurred simply, briefly and effectively - what would WTO give us re lower costs on food, footwear and clothing etc - but also debunks the 'chaos' fear tactic being used There also needs to be a planned scheme to address Tory MPs with these facts.


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