Brussels will blink first — as they don’t want Jeremy Corbyn in No10 either

THERESA MAY flies to Austria this week on a desperate mission.

Her task is to sell her botched Chequers deal on Brexit to 27 EU leaders who think it is rubbish.

The Chequers deal is going to hit the fan in Austria next week

Her half-in, half-out formula has been trashed by Tories, Labour and even by Brussels.

Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it.

But this self-described “bloody difficult woman” believes she alone can ram it through.

Either she knows something nobody else does . . . or her fabled “polished turd” is about to hit the fan.

Getty Images - Getty Theresa May describes herself as a ‘bloody difficult woman’ and believes she can get her Brexit plan through[/caption]

On tonight’s BBC’s Panorama, Mrs May spells out the formula she thinks propelled her to the top: “You bide your time and you are bloody difficult when it really matters.”

Others fear a different characteristic has defined her political career, especially as Home Secretary.

“She is mulishly stubborn,” says a former ally.

“Once she digs her heels in, nothing can shift her — right or wrong.”

Getty Images - Getty May has been described as ‘mulishly stubborn’ by a former ally[/caption]

They fear she will stick defiantly to her half-baked plan until she runs out of road and is forced to choose between an EU fudge or defeat in the House of Commons.

The Chequers deal is flawed by the fantasy we can follow an EU rule book on free trade and regulation while reserving the right to duck and dive.

Outside Cabinet, Tories on all sides — Brexiteers and Remainers — insist it is unworkable.

“It fails to take back control...


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