British cats and dogs could be stranded on the Continent for WEEKS in a No Deal Brexit

BRITISH cats and dogs would be stranded on the Continent for weeks in the event of a No Deal Brexit, bombshell contingency plans leaked to The Sun reveal.

No Deal disaster proposals – that could be published as soon as Thursday – warn that a replacement to the EU’s Pet Passport would take months to negotiate, leaving animals unable to travel across borders.

Alamy Cats and dogs could be stranded on the continent unless Britain can negotiate a deal with the EU[/caption]

Alamy British pets in Europe on 29 March 2019 would not be recognised by the EU Pet Passport scheme[/caption]

Whitehall sources claimed Downing Street was so worried about the animal headache that its publication may be delayed.

Mrs May will chair a special meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday to discuss the preparations for a No Deal Brexit if Britain fails to secure an agreement with Brussels.

It is expected to coincide with the publication of the latest tranche of technical papers on the No Deal preparations across a range of sectors.

Ministers and officials are yet to decide whether to include the bad news for Britain’s 12million pet owning households in Thursday’s batch.

Alamy Live News Downing Street may delay the publication of the report to avoid public anger[/caption]

If Britain leaves the EU without a deal in place next March, we would automatically become a “Third Country” in the eyes of Brussels.

That means


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