Brexit Secretary claims UK is making ‘significant progress every week’ in EU negotiations

THE BREXIT Secretary has claimed the UK is making “significant progress every week”  in the EU negotiations and a deal is “within our sights”.

Dominic Raab told MPs that despite Theresa May’s plan coming attack on all sides – including from Brussels’ chief Michel Barnier – he was bullish an agreement will be found.

Dominic Raab claims the UK is making ‘significant progress every week’ in EU negotiationsParliament.UK

His update to MPs came as Downing Street revealed the Prime Minister will use a European Union meeting later this month to make the case for her Chequers compromise direct to fellow leaders.

Mr Barnier has said he is “strongly opposed” to the proposals, which he warned would undermine the European project and the single market.

But Mrs May’s official spokesman made it clear that despite the Frenchman being the public face of the talks, final approval of any Brexit deal is a matter for the heads of the remaining 27 countries.

And the PM will join them for an informal session of the European Council in Austrian city Salzburg on September 20, and will use the opportunity to engage with individual leaders on the Brexit issue.

The Brexit Secretary said despite criticism by the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier a ‘deal is within our sights’AFP

It comes after Mr Raab told ministers at this morning’s Cabinet meeting that the Chequers proposals had received a “warm and positive” response from European leaders over the summer.

And he rejected suggestions by opposition parties that they were being dismissed by the EU, and claimed progress was being made in all facets.

He said: “We’ve made significant progress, and we are making significant progress every...


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