Brexit agreement latest news – what’s the next phase and when will negotiations end?

IF you were hoping to see the back of Brexit any time soon, you may be disappointed as divorce talks rumble on.

With one year to go before we leave the EU, here’s our guide to what exactly the process involves.

Untangling British and EU laws and deals before March 2019 will be tough workBanksy/Reuters When did the Brexit negotiations start and when will they end?

Theresa May signalled the start of Brexit talks on March 29, 2017, when she triggered Article 50.

It is the piece of EU law that sets the rules for a country choosing to leave the Union.

Mrs May’s letter to EU Council chief Donald Tusk started the clock ticking on a two-year time limit to complete exit talks.

Brexit negotiations began on June 19, 2017, with David Davis and Michel Barnier meeting to begin the historic talks in Brussels.

In November, Mr Davis announced the date of Brexit will be set in law and we will officially leave the EU at 11pm GMT on March 29, 2019.

But this has been met with strong opposition in parliament, with several Tory backbenchers vowing to oppose the legislation.

They say that nailing down an exact cut-off date could end up leaving Britain worse off.

The government has signalled it will seek a “transition period”, with much of the existing arrangements continuing for a limited time after March 2019.

This will allow for detailed talks on a future trade deal – potentially extending Brexit negotiations for years to come.

How do the Brexit negotiations work?

Delegations from the UK and EU meet regularly to thrash out decisions...


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