Boris Johnson slams Theresa May’s plans for a ‘car crash Brexit’ which would let EU rule over us forever

BORIS Johnson last night let rip at Theresa May – saying she is putting Britain on track for a “car crash Brexit”.

The top Brexiteer claimed the PM’s plans for quitting the EU would mean the UK was effectively being ruled by a foreign power for the first time in 1,000 years.

Boris Johnson has hit out again at Theresa May’s Brexit plansGetty Images - Getty

The blast in his Daily Telegraph column is Mr Johnson’s latest attempt to bring down the proposals thrashed out at Chequers.

Boris wants to see Britain throw off EU regulations after we’ve left the bloc – instead of remaining tied to Brussels indefinitely.

He wrote: “If the Brexit negotiations continue on this path they will end, I am afraid, in a spectacular political car crash.

“In the ensuing recriminations the road will be cordoned off. The investigative teams will roam around trying to work out how the British civil service – this purring Rolls-Royce – could have come such a cropper.

Theresa May has called Boris Johnson’s other remarks about her Brexit plan ‘inappropriate’

“What distracted us? What caused us to swerve? How did Britain end up upside down in the ditch with all four wheels spinning lazily in the air?”

The former Foreign Secretary blamed the “Irish backstop” – an agreement between Britain and the EU which means Northern Ireland will remain in the European customs union if the two sides fail to strike an alternative deal.

Boris added: “The...


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