Bank of England boss Mark Carney urged to stay and oversee a smooth Brexit

BANK of England boss Mark Carney is being urged to stay in his job to help oversee a smooth Brexit.

The Canadian financier is due to quit next June as the head of UK’s central bank – just weeks after the UK leaves the EU.

Mark Carney

Mark Carney was originally hired on a five-year term but agreed to stay until next summerPA:Press Association
But it has emerged the Treasury have held discussions about extending his contract by another year to avoid a newcomer taking over the helm during the aftermath of our historic exit.

Mr Carney was originally hired in 2013 on a five year term but in the wake the EU referendum agreed to stay until mid 2019.

Now Tory MPs are calling for Mr Carney to stay in post until 2020, to protect the stability of the economy.
George Freeman said: “We need a Brexit that doesn’t damage business confidence, investment and jobs.”

Theresa May

Theresa May would start looking for someone to take over from Mr Carney in 2019Reuters
He added: “Mark Carney is the Alex Ferguson of the City – if he’ll do it he would be a smart pick.”
And Ed Vaizey said “The last thing we need is more upheaval next year so Carney should be offered a contract extension of he wants it. He would help to smooth Brexit.”

And respected financial commentator David Buik said there was “no problem with Mark Carney staying on for continuity purposes.”

But Eurosceptic Jacob Rees Mogg said a change to Mr Carney’s contract would be “ridiculous” after he engraged Leave voters with his gloomy Brexit predictions.


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