2m Brits need to renew their passports immediately or risk being barred from Europe if we fail to get a Brexit deal, Government warns

BRITS should renew their passports as soon as possible if they’re in their last year – or risk being unable to travel to Europe, the Government said today.

If we end up quitting the EU without a deal, more than 2million British passports are likely to be useless on the continent.

A No Deal Brexit could mean trouble for British holidaymakers

Ministers today published documents confirming that in a No Deal scenario, British people will need to have a passport which is valid for at least six months if they want to visit the EU.

And they urged anyone who might be affected to act quickly – because there is likely to be a massive rush of Brits trying to renew their documents.

The revelation came in a dossier of 28 contingency notices designed to show the Government is prepared for the potential collapse of talks with Brussels.

The documents show:

Brits would need to buy a new £5.50 “international driving permit” if they want to drive in the EU Ministers have hatched a deal with mobile firms to ensure they don’t reintroduce huge roaming fees Exporters may need to get a new licence to sell their goods to Europe Britain would lose access to the EU’s Space Surveillance and Tracking service, which among other things, provides member states with early warnings about satellites and other space debris falling to Earth Irish citizens will be able to settle in Britain regardless of whether we have a Brexit deal and travel between the UK and Ireland will remain entirely open Post-Brexit new blue passports will be rolled out late next year Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab heading to a Cabinet meeting to discuss No DealAP:Associated Press

The documents warn that without a deal ensuring British citizens have access to the...


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