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Welsh Government Demands “Urgent Meeting” Over Guido’s Brexit Leak

Welsh Government Demands “Urgent Meeting” Over Guido’s Brexit Leak

The Labour-run Welsh Government have called for an “urgent meeting” following Guido’s scoop yesterday revealing the UK Government withheld parts of Brexit planning from devolved administrations. The Welsh are obsessed with leaks…

Responding to the news, a Welsh Government spokesman has said:

“This further corrodes trust in the UK government which is already at a low ebb following the publication of the Internal Market Bill, a direct attack on devolution,”

“Over the last two years, we’ve put the interests of our country first by setting aside our political differences and working constructively with the UK Government”

“We’re now calling on the UK Government to do the same and are requesting an urgent meeting with them to press home this point.”

A Government source meanwhile stresses to Guido that relevant documents have been shared…

“The DAs [Devolved Administrations] already have relevant RWCS documents (reasonable worst case scenario) including on food supplies. Official level meetings on transition preparedness have continued throughout the year, as have regular calls with the Paymaster General alongside the Joint Ministerial Council (EN) meetings. We have taken the decision to intensify our engagement by inviting DA colleagues to regular XO [Exit Operations] Cabinet Committee meetings.”

In the Welsh Government’s new spirit of openness, Guido presumes they will now begin sharing all their documents with the UK Government. Clearly sharing sensitive strategic documents with opposing political parties such as Welsh Labour or the SNP or the Tories is bad negotiation. It’s obvious why this doesn’t happen – even though neither government can admit it…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes


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