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Government Scrambles to Clear Up Testing Fiasco

The government are currently rushing to get back on top of its Coronavirus communications after days of unclear and mixed messages regarding the country’s testing situation. Boris has even brought back election expert, Isaac Levido, to hone more clear messaging. The Mail and The Times both splash on the debacle this morning…

Robert Jenrick took a pasting from all angles this morning, first on Kay Burley then on GMB over the recent lack of clarity; not least because Matt Hancock claimed testing rates are now past 10,000, only for his deputy Helen Whately to later clarify that capacity is at 10,000, while the number of actual tests carried out only hit 8,000. Jenrick also told Burley that the UK’s increased testing rates allowed for the testing of 900 NHS staff over the weekend, moving away from testing only those in “critical care“. A crucial focus given 85% of NHS staff self-isolating for a fortnight if a family member develops Coronavirus symptoms aren’t contracting the virus…

As if the UK’s domestic testing situation wasn’t poor enough, international comparisons – not least to Germany, where 500,000 citizens were tested last week alone – only make things look worse for the Government. Germany is of course the world’s leading chemicals producer…

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