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Portillo Silences Panel With “Stunning” Immigration Point

Former Conservative MP, Michael Portillo delivered a “stunning” immigration rant, according to the Express when he appeared on Question Time this week.

Portillo is in favour of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and outlined to the Question Time audience and panel that in light of the new immigration system being implemented next year, British workers should be the ones fulfilling jobs which are usually carried out by low skilled foreign workers.

Under the government’s new points-based immigration system, the number of low skilled workers coming into the UK is set to drop significantly, with the new system favouring workers with PhDs.

Mr Portillo said: “I think there is something decadent about the situation we’ve got ourselves into, where we think that there are lots of jobs where only foreigners, and probably only transient foreigners at that, will do.”

He added: “I think we ought to get back to a situation where more British people see the care industry, the NHS, catering, hotels, see these as careers.

“Go to them because they want to go to these jobs and have the proper qualifications, have training, have the opportunity to move up through the system.”

Due to the UK’s membership of the EU, the British government has been unable to stop the influx of low skilled workers into the country.

Home Secretary Priti Patel explained this week that jobs which were done by low skilled foreign workers could be carried out by the 8 million economically inactive British workers.

She said: “There are over eight million people between 16 and 64 who are economically inactive, that’s 20 per cent of the work force.

“It’s important that businesses engage with them and invest in people. If they invested in and supported them, more people would be able to work in many of the sectors.”


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  1. Yes that is all well & good but a lot of people just don't want to have a job, they would sooner stay at home & living the lazy life of being a benefit parasite. doing nothing but staying at home, breeding kids like rabbits & setting a bad example to their kids that grow up thinking it is good to be paid money to stay at home & do nothing but they like their parents still drink & smoke when they get old enough etc but do not intend getting a job. I know of several that have not had a job for years & are quite happy getting paid & claiming all the benefits they can to stay at home but many of them do some work for people who will pay them cash in hand on top of their benefits.


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