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Jubilant Farage Highlights Future “European Union Revolt”

Nigel Farage has warned the European Union that Brexit is merely the start of a larger discussion among European citizens about their future in the European Union and what it is becoming. The Express claimed that Farage’s comments explain how Brexit has “paved way for huge European Union revolt”. Farage did not specifically say this, but he did highlight how Brexit is making EU member states think differently about the EU. Video below.

Footage of the Brexit Party leader at EU offices on the continent discussing what Brexit means for the EU has come to light.

Farage explained how he could not believe that Brexit is finally happening and that only recently the European Union has accepted that the UK is leaving the bloc.

The Brexit Party boss insisted that the EU is making European citizens feel “impotent” and alluded to the fact that further member states could soon leave the EU too.

Farage told the Express: “When you want something so much in life, and you fought for it for years and years, when it actually arrives it’s almost difficult to believe. It’s sunk in for me and interestingly, it’s sunk here with the EU. They’re beginning to understand that this is not just a big moment for us, but a big moment for them as well.

“There were several speakers today saying well, of course, there may be other countries that start to have this debate.

“And I think that is true. Whatever people thought Europe was going to be – chiefly that was about trade and cooperation and reciprocity and all the things that neighbours living in the same street should want to do.

“The sheer level of power that is now wielded by the Commission and other EU bodies makes voters in member states feel, well, ‘we are impotent’.

“There isn’t much we can do about it. So I do think what Brexit does is start a bigger debate on what the future of Europe is.”

Despite the United Kingdom no longer being a member of the European Union, she will abide by EU rules and regulations until the end of the year when the transition period expires.

The British government will commence trade talks with EU negotiators at the end of this month or early next. The Commission President has warned that if major progress on a trade deal has not been reached by July then Mr Johnson may have to extend the transition period.


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