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Election 2019: Hugh Grant SAVAGES Remain Alliance in Lib Dem Twitter spat ‘Not true!’

ACTOR Hugh Grant has picked apart the so-called Remain Alliance in a sensational Twitter spat with the Liberal Democrats hours after joining Jo Swinson’s party on the general election campaign trail.

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  1. Does it matter what he has to say? His opinions means as much as he does - NOTHING! Just don't bother reading and ignore him. He's a mediocre actor who knows the right! people which makes him believe that it gives him, and his ego, some self-importance. His history is enough to tell intelligent people he and his opinions DO NOT MATTER.

  2. Hacked Off Hypocrite. Advocate of press censorship. Not that he need worry, most of UK Media Mafia are in the pockets of EU fascist corporation.|Just look at 2facedbook.


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