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Boris Johnson’s brightness is a welcome sight after three years of doom and gloom

WE have endured more than three years of the establishment blocking, frustrating and thwarting the biggest vote for anything in British history.

More than three years of the liberal elite using any means necessary to kneecap Brexit.

Boris Johnson’s positivity and can-do attitude has struck a mighty chord that resonates loud and clear from Land’s End to John o’Groats[/caption]

More than three years of democracy being denied by all those pampered, privileged people so accustomed to life going their way.

Today it is not Brexit our country is sick of. It is the relentless negativity of all the miserable sods who have loathed Brexit with a vengeance yet always lacked the spine to cancel it.

Truly, it is not Brexit we grow weary of. It is the bitching of all the gloomy glumbuckets who tell us the fifth-largest economy in the world is a pitiful little land too weak, too feeble, too diminished to stand alone in the world.

The British people are sick to the back teeth of the pessimism of the British establishment.

That is why the can-do optimism of Boris Johnson has struck a mighty chord that resonates loud and clear from Land’s End to John o’Groats.

His upbeat positivity is exhilarating after the down-in-the-mouth negativity of all those who warn we are doomed outside of the EU’s clammy embrace.

Whatever Boris does now to get Brexit done, from pressing the “mute” button on Parliament for a few days to ­withholding £30billion of the divorce settlement — it will be cheered to the rafters by ­millions.

This is less to do with ­leaving the EU, more to do with human nature. Relentless pessimism is ­boring.

Emma Thompson called the greatest country in the the world “a cake-filled, misery-laden, grey, old island”. Who wants this negative crap?

New research published this week revealed optimists live longer than pessimists. Looking on the bright side is good for you, the boffins conclude.


Being upbeat and positive will help you live to 85, while someone who is downbeat and negative will almost certainly be pushing up the daisies by then.

That is why Boris will crush Jeremy Corbyn in any general election.

That is why we are sick of looking at Philip Hammond, John Major, Gina Miller, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry, with their dreary pessimism and faces like an undertaker’s slapped bottom.

It has become a cliche that the old battle lines between Left and Right no longer exist.

The greatest divide in our time is not so much between Leave and Remain as between those of us who believe this country has a golden, glorious future as a sovereign nation once more and those who really don’t.

This new Prime Minister has made pessimism unfashionable.

If you believe the best is yet to come, it’s a wonderful life.

A general election? Please, let it be soon! This country yearns for the chance to vote for happier days.

From the House of Commons to Broadcasting House, all those gloomy gits who believe the UK can’t survive in the big, wide world are totally out of touch with the national mood.

In the country at large, the upbeat optimism of Boris Johnson is as sweet as an apple on Christmas Day.

I welcome a general election – this country yearns for the chance to vote for happier days and Boris will certainly crush Jeremy Corbyn[/caption]

Protests building to crisis

A RIOT cop in Hong Kong aims his handgun at an unarmed protestor clutching an umbrella – an image that may come to haunt the world, like the photograph of a man with a plastic shopping bag confronting a tank in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, in 1989.

Tiananmen Square ended in a massacre.

New York Times
A police officer is photographed as he points a gun at an unarmed protestor in Hong Kong[/caption]

Nobody knows where the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong will end, although Friday saw a wave of young pro-democracy activists being arrested for organising protests and a march planned for Saturday banned by police.

The former British colony is a tinderbox waiting for a spark to ignite it.

China does not want to face the international outrage a violent crackdown would bring. But China can’t allow Hong Kong to dream of freedom.

Last weekend was the third time a policeman has aimed his gun at protestors and the first time it was fired – a warning shot, thankfully, discharged into the steaming Hong Kong night.

But the first death of these protests could change everything.

Remember who loves the BBC

AGE UK warns that the BBC’s decision to withdraw free TV licences for the over-75s next June means pensioners will inevitably be “brought before the courts and potentially end up in prison”.

Not a great look for our state broadcaster.

And if OAPs start getting carted off to court – or banged up in jail – the BBC’s right to your licence fee of £154.50 a year is surely dead.

Meanwhile, the BBC is planning a £100million advertising campaign to attract younger viewers.

Don’t bother, Auntie! The last time the BBC was loved by the young was when Thursday night meant Top Of The Pops.

Those kids are all grown up now and their own children and grandchildren go elsewhere for entertainment.

That £100million could pay for 650,000 TV licences. The BBC should be sucking up to the old folk.

Those of us who remember the Hairy Cornflake are the only people who still love the BBC.

Pot-shot at the PC brigade

IN the summer of 1969, there was a big hit-single that made a plea for racial harmony, Melting Pot by Blue Mink.

Who could have imagined this toe-tapping ode to tolerance would one day be seen as racist?

Rex Features
After receiving one complaint, Ofcom have decided to ban Blue Mink’s Melting Pot and have deemed it offensive[/caption]

After receiving just ONE complaint, Ofcom has ruled that Melting Pot is offensive. Golden-oldies station Gold has banned the track.

Blue Mink’s one hit has as much chance of turning up on Top Of The Pops 2 as Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile.

And frankly, you can see the problem.

“Take a pinch of white man, wrap him up in black skin,” crooned Madeline Bell, the African-American singer.

“Add a touch of blue blood and a little bitty-bit of Red Indian boy. Curly Latin kinkies, mixed with yellow Chinkees – if you lump it all together, well you’ve got a recipe for a get-along scene.”

You can’t help flinch at the casual racism.

But the song’s heart was in the right place, even if the lyrics jar today. And banning Melting Pot after one lousy complaint is pathetic.

When did being offended become our national pastime?

No one loves violent rhetoric as much as the liberals

PHILIP Pullman, the elderly novelist, advocated hanging Boris Johnson from a lamppost in a Tweet he later deleted.

Jo Brand, the elderly comedian, advocated throwing acid instead of milkshakes at Nigel Farage in a sick joke the BBC says “went beyond what was appropriate” but stupidly insists does NOT incite violence.

Lynching from a lamppost, acid in the face . . . what horrible, disgusting things to wish on anyone, whatever their political views.

Nobody loves violent rhetoric quite as much as an enlightened, compassionate, Tory-loathing liberal.

Channelling Marilyn

FROM Madonna to Anna Nicole Smith, countless female stars have channelled Marilyn Monroe.

But nobody ever captured her like Cuban actress Ana de Armas, who plays Marilyn in the Netflix drama Blonde.

Splash News
Cuban actress Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in upcoming Netflix drama Blonde[/caption]

Countless stars have channelled Marilyn, but nobody ever captured her like Ana[/caption]

Ana – so brilliant in Blade Runner 2049 and a Bond girl in next year’s No Time To Die – has Marilyn’s been-to-bed eyes, her come-to-bed mouth, her rumpled loveliness.

Not even Debbie Harry did it better.

Perhaps he’s just Jairlous

WHEN he should have been worrying about his burning rainforests, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was making snide remarks about Brigitte Macron, the wife of Emmanuel Macron who is 25 years the French president’s senior.

But an age gap between older women and younger men is common today.

AFP or licensors
Instead of worrying about his burning rainforests, Jair Bolsonaro has been making snide remarks about Emmanuel Macron’s wife[/caption]

Alamy Live News
Brigitte Macron is 25 years the French president’s senior[/caption]

Look at Heidi Klum (46) and Tom Kaulitz (29); Helena Bonham-Carter (53) and Rye Dag Holmboe (32); Caroline Flack (39) and Lewis Burton (27). Cubs and catnip, they call them.

Bucking the trend are Don McLean (73) and Paris Dylan (25) . . . proving age only matters if you are a cheese.


SAM Smith in his Speedos. Too much information. And not enough Speedo.

Fingers of blame

FRIENDS of Prince Andrew question the notorious photograph of the Duke of York with his arm around the waist of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave Virginia Roberts.

Andrew’s chums say the fingers around the teenager’s waist do not look like the royal’s fingers – although the FBI, which holds the photograph, has never questioned its authenticity.

Rex Features
Prince Andrew’s friends have suggested that the infamous photo of him with Virginia Roberts isn’t genuine[/caption]

If Prince Andrew wants to clear his name, he is going to have to do more than hide behind vehement denials issued from the Buckingham Palace press office and anonymous briefings about the girth of his manly fingers.

As Virginia Roberts’ lawyer David Boies suggests, Andrew needs to go to New York and “answer questions under oath, subject to cross-examination”.

Prince Andrew should WELCOME the chance to clear his name.

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