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Don’t expect a picture of post-Brexit prosperity from arrogant Philip Hammond after his outrageous Project Fear scaremongering

CHANCELLOR Phil Hammond makes his big speech to the Tory faithful in ­Birmingham today. Don’t expect a picture of post-Brexit prosperity.

He is also writing his ­Halloween Budget on October 29. Nobody is hoping for voter-friendly treats.

Nobody is hoping for voter-friendly treats in arrogant Eeyore’s Halloween Budget

For a man in charge of our economic destiny at such a momentous time, this “stubby-pencilled accountant” has precious little to say. It seems he even remained mute at a recent Cabinet session to war-game a No-Deal Brexit — surely the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s special subject.

Well-informed Spectator editor Fraser Nelson says other ministers piled in with upbeat projects but Hammond “seemed to have no ideas and kept quiet”. Spreadsheet Phil possesses either supreme self-confidence or total contempt for the 17.4million who voted for Brexit, or both.

The man who a year ago faced political death has become the most powerful figure in Theresa May’s Cabinet — perhaps including herself.

She remains the figurehead. But the minister she planned to axe until her botched General Election is running the Brexit show from his Treasury eyrie.

Hammond has deployed his Treasury reach to box us into BRINO — Brexit In Name OnlyPA:Press Association

Hammond’s sympathetic image as Eeyore, a woebegone soft toy, is misleading. This man combines thin-skinned arrogance with a rare combination of political disabilities — cloth-eared, ham-fisted...


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